• What is a "NODTM"?

    A "NODTM" is a couple of things. First, it's an acronym for Now On DeckTM. Secondly, and most importantly, it's the name we've given for the recordings that our talent, or, NODcastersTM, provide. Think of when a coach puts you in a game - he or she gives you a NODTM.

  • What is a "NODcasterTM"?

    Just the nickname we give our talent, no matter their industry or medium. And, to ensure you that the talent you want is truly them, we have an extensive and comprehensive vetting process that authenticates and proves their validity.

  • How much does a NODTM cost?

    NODTMs automatically start at $25. However, NODcastersTM do have the option to set their contract price.

  • How will I receive my NODTM?

    Your NODTM will be delivered to the email address you provide.

  • Can I send a NODTM to an email other than my own, ie: as a gift?

    Yes, but it is not recommended. After all, don't you want to give the gift yourself (and not risk it getting lost in a spam filter)

  • What is the $5 fulfillment fee for?

    Fee ensures every aspect of the NODTM delivery and website are operating at peak performance.

  • How long does it take to receive my NODTM?

    Our NODcastersTM have the option to give a set delivery time. Otherwise, you should receive your NODTM within 7 days unless otherwise notified by either the NODcasterTM or the office of the Commissioner.

  • What if my NODTM isn't delivered by the promised time?

    You will have the option to go to extra ininngs (if due to extenuating circumstances), request a different NODcasterTM, or receive a refund.

  • Can I make changes to my NODTM request?

    Yes, but it must be done within 3 hours of your order by contacting the NODcasterTM or Commissioner's office.

  • What format are NODTMs recorded in?

    We recommend our NODcastersTM record in video format. They will look and sound great, are more personal, and are easy to transfer.

  • Can I refer or recommend talent to the site?

    Absolutely! All prospective NODcastersTM are welcome. Please click here to make your request.

  • How do I contact the Now On DeckTM Commissioner's office?

    Simply send an email to commish@nowondeck.com at any time. The Commish's office is always open, so please grab your seat and we will get with you shortly.