Chris has been performing on stage, film and television, (SLAPSHOT, THE LAST DRAGON, BARTON FINK for example) as well as voicing numerous animated characters (Chester Cheetah and other toons) commercial announcing for hundreds of products, and the voice of HBO and PBS, for over 50 years. He’ll give a shout out to individuals you choose for Birthdays, Anniversaries, Promotions, Special Events or anything that floats your boat (so yes, that would include amphibious launches). Head over to www.chrismurney.com for a more complete list along with scenes and clips from various shows and films, then come back, pick an event, choose a style (whimsy, funny, high energy, or warm and fuzzy), and you’re off and running.

audio shout outs for events or occasions... it's a busy world... you pick. (sorry no politicals)

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