Shereen Rayan Lavi


Shereen Rayan gets to the heart of the story when it comes to sports, the athletes who play them and their coaches. She is most interested in the story behind the headlines. Her love of sports led to writing positions with Sports Illustrated’s Fansided network LakeShowLife.com. She also is the Managing Editor and key content contributor for Fansided Network’s ZonaZealots.com. Her posts have been published on Fox Sports and Sports Illustrated as well as Bleacher Report. She has written over 1500 articles. Her expertise on the Arizona Wildcats has led to guest contributions on “What’ Bruin” and “Mark Rogers TV”, Los Angeles Dodgers “Deuce’s Wild- Dodger Nation” and “The Sports Collective”. Shereen experience extends beyond writing. She has 30+ years as an executive in the entertainment/music and sports industry specializes in analytics and business

Interview you, Interview athletes or coaches of any age, anything sports related, including fashion and music, to give you exposure. I can also write an article and add video and pictures. I can give advise on how to be interviewed or interview someone.

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